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Fully comprehensive system for Hotel Management Contact us en

Property Management System

HORES manages your front office agenda,
takes care of your reservations and gives you a detailed overview of your hotel's realtime situation.


Information Widgets

All important information on one screen

The HORES main screen displays adjustable information widgets, providing immediate information about the hotel in realtime. You can see the occupancy, the structure of accommodated guests, accepted online reservations, or an iframe to your social networks. Your front office staff will find interactive arrivals, departures, waiting lists and options.

Smart Graph of Rooms

Marking a reservation and accommodating a guest
have never been easier

This interactive smart tool allows you to create a reservation quickly and easily. From here, you can work with guests and have an overview of the current status of reservations, accommodated guests and room status.


Quick and simple reservations with everything you'll ever need

Individual or group reservations with a choice of an option, allocation and automatic sending of confirmation to the guest. Active prices according to the partner’s choice with the prepayment and "non-refundable reservation” features. Easy cancellation and editing.


Check-in, checkout and accommodated guests

Looking for the fastest way to accommodate a guest? All data are entered in Hores by scanning the guest’s ID card with the ID reader. The guest is identified in the guest bank and placed for automatic residence reporting. The guest card offers an option to specify the eating plan, "traces" for sharing information between the hotel centres, or to assign other regular services during your guest's stay. Guest accounts with different filters, methods of payment, dividing and moving items with automated guest feedback via email.

Bank of Guests

Space for guest orientation

Work on your high-quality Guest Relationship Management system! In the HORES system, the guest is monitored at all stages of their reservation - before arrival, during the stay and after departure. HORES can help you find your guest wherever and whenever you need. The system shows you their preferences and needs, and gives you a wide choice of measurements and comparisons.


Reports anywhere, anytime

With the RAW (Reports Anywhere) feature, the system allows you to monitor the current situation through a web browser or an application from any mobile device. Detailed information on the various areas, from occupancy, revenue, guest structure, partners or segments, to monitoring age categories or nationalities of guests; allowing you to respond instantly to the current situation.